Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Challenge starting Sep 21

Join by clicking the box. Which of these ladies have helped you most in your running? As you may have guessed, I'm going with team Britney.


C said...

Could you please add Robyn?

emi guner said...


Lina said...


emi guner said...

there'll be a sisters in pop challenge later on, with the knowles sisters, the minogue sisters and some other sisters I'll try to come up with.

Alpha Monkey said...

This will have a point. Trust me.

My youngest son was just walking around saying something that sounded like "ma mavaughn." When I asked him what he was saying he said he was speaking Swedish. What? Where did my kid learn Swedish?

He learned it from that lady on the computer. With the baby. The one who sent him a postcard at school last year.

And now to the relevant aspect:

Who remembers when Emi won her running challenge and held up Baby Nicki to the Mac and tried to get her to say "Mama won!" ?