Tuesday, September 1, 2009


The literary women seem to have lost all their running drive! Come on little women, run!
Let's get this over with. Next challenge will be a solo thing or a shorter tribute to the men we love.

Ok, about the Tjejmilen 10k race. It was my second race. 26 000 women running. Only 2 groups had some kind of time limit if you were an unseeded runner. You could go with the group that aimed at running 10 k in less than 55 mins or between 55-59. I picked sub 55 and started last in that group. Literally last. I stood behind the crowd and danced around a little to warm up. Then the race was on and it was so freakishly crowded and slow. Frustrated and angry, I had a hard time enjoying the stuff that otherwise make races 1st class running experiences - you're served treats on the way, people cheer for you and at the end of the race you're awarded a medal!

After appx. 5k, it got a little less crowded and I saw a clearly anorexic runner who I thought would be a great person to hang on to. Her determination would carry me all the way. Then I lost sight of her and just kept running. I felt so light and it was a really easy trail to run. No hills, at least not compared to what I'm used to. My finishing time was 57,12. I wasn't even out of breath as I crossed the finish line, but I was really disappointed. Next race I'm not running last in the biggest group.


Lina said...

Jag håller med dig, men själva känslan av att springa där vägde upp att det var så fullt. Allt runtomkring bar upp mig så det knappt kändes att man sprang. Lidingö´s tjejmil nästa!

Jenny Serneholt said...

I´m still running! Ran yesterday and is going for a run right now. I think I might win this one. Not my lady but me!

emi guner said...

great jenny. it's almost over!